Hi, I’m David Nichels. I’m a professional relationship counselor, and I specialize in helping women find love. Yes, I’m a guy, and I help women find guys!

When I was 30, I found myself single after a long-term, committed relationship. I soon realized I was completely clueless about meeting women. So I read up on it. But there wasn’t a whole lot out there to help figure out the whole dating thing. It felt so fake, like learning how to cheat at a game.

So I studied psychology, and found ways to connect the two. I started to apply what I was learning about self-assurance to my dating situation, and I found great success. Soon my friends were asking to help them in their love lives!

This led me to what has become my true calling: I became a dating expert. I started out by giving men tips on meeting women. I held workshops and also did one-on-one coaching. Through this process I learned a lot about what people are looking for in the opposite sex.

Then women began asking me for tips on meeting guys. By then I’d learned so much about both sexes that I realized I could help women, too. Eventually I shifted my focus from helping men to helping women.

I live and breathe relationships, and have had the honor of helping thousands of women.

Many women feel bad about themselves while they’re dating. If there are any problems, women assume it’s their fault, that they have something wrong with them. Others settle for less than what they really want, assuming they’ll never find someone who ticks every box on her wish list for a guy.

So where do I fit in to all this? My goal is to help women gain confidence and feel great about themselves. This is a huge step when it comes to finding lasting and genuine love.

Most people aren’t naturally confident. But that doesn’t mean they can’t learn how to be confident. It’s my goal to show independent, smart, success-minded women how to be confident, without losing their sexiness. Some women are filled with self-doubt, but still manage to appear sexy. Others misplace their femininity buy can appear to be confident.

It’s hitting the balance between sexy and confident that most women find daunting. But I can help!

I can help you learn how to be loved and how to love. I can save you from heartbreak. I can help you step outside of your comfort zone. I can help you be aware of just how sexy you are, which will build your confidence, and help you attract the guy of your dreams.

Join the thousands of women who have found their source of confidence in their dating lives. Stop manipulating guys so you get what you want. Stop trying to make guys jealous, so they’ll want you more. None of the games are needed. So many women try those methods, and they all fail.

It’s time to end your frustration. Stop playing games. Genuine relationships aren’t based on games and lies. I can help you get past all that, and help you just be yourself. No matter what your personality is like, there’s a guy out there who will find it attractive.

Lots of women latch on to the bad dating advice that the so-called experts dish out. Are you one of those women? Are you looking for the best way to manipulate men so you get what you want? Do you think all the problems you’ve had are the guys’ faults, and you’re not willing to change? Are you looking for that elusive short cut to true love?

Then my method is not for you. There is no such thing as a shortcut when it comes to finding love. Like I said, I’m not a believer in games and manipulative tactics. My methods are proven. They’re based on scientific research and genuine psychology. My methods have worked for thousands of other women.

I’ll help you so you can see for yourself what you’ve been doing wrong when it comes to love. I’ll help you develop a better mindset, and a set of habits that will open you up to true love. The problem isn’t with guys. The problem is all the bad dating advice that’s out there.

Are you sick of all the crummy advice from the experts, your friends, even your mom? Have you been single for what seems like forever? Are you tired of playing games when it comes to dating?

Give my method a try. I’ll help you see things for what they are. I promise I’ll never lie in an attempt to make you feel better. I’ll help you see if you’re wasting your time with the wrong guy, or if he’s using you. I’ll help you discern if the guy you’re with now will ever be willing to commit to you.

If you think you’re up to those truths, please sign up for my online newsletter, and subscribe to my podcast. They’re both free, but the information and resources aren’t available anywhere else. The information and resources will help you find success in your dating life, to feel sexier and more confident, and ultimately to find true love.