They Aren’t Serious About You
  1. Avoid labels: It’s ok to not refer to each other as boyfriend or girlfriend for the initial months.  But if you are closing in on a year together and they still are dodging label then you are seeing a red flag.  Men, especially, often go after things they desire.  Announcing to the world that you are their partner, signifies that want to celebrate your connection.
  2. Not being Facebook official: Social media is the quickest way to tell the world that you two are couple, and they are officially off the market.  When they don’t accept the tag on the adorable photo of you both, it natural to wonder if they are worried about how it might look to other cuties that follow them.  If a person is head over in heels in love with you then they want the whole world to know.  Don’t you deserve that type of love?
  3. Has regular communication with exes or people that flirt with them: Does it seem like they are checking their phone endlessly?  Be careful they aren’t flirting or being emotionally intimate with someone else.  “Sarah” may be more than the friendly neighborhood barista.  “Jen” should be asking from advice from her current partner and not your love.  Feel free to ask them point blank what is going on.  If they have nothing to hide then they will probably be willing to share reason correspondence and their feelings about the issue.  However, if they try to pretend that they didn’t “hear you” then something shady is going on.  If they are serious about you, they would let the past go and focus their attention towards strengthening your relationship.
  4. No interest in your loved ones: It’s a bad sign if they don’t want to spend time, let alone, meet your friends and family.  This could be a sign they are avoiding defining your status or future plans with you.  People who are serious about love want to know the special people in your life and be honest about their feelings for you with them.  They see these social occasions as a way to spotlight your unique bond and how happy you are together.  Never settle for anyone who wants to keep you all to themselves.
  5. You aren’t allowed to spend more than two nights in a row together: If they have any odd sleeping-over rule then its time to break-up.  It’s not moving too fast to spend multiple nights together.  You deserve to be someone who wants to spend as much time with you as possible, while still allows you a sense of freedom.  It’s fun to spend long weekends together where you barely leave the bedroom!
  6. You aren’t being wooed: People should enjoy spoiling you with romantic advances.  If they avoid courting you then it may be a sign, they are afraid of you dreaming up couple nicknames or envision getting the key to their place.  Before you get too physical with a person, you need to make sure that they make you feel special and desired.  Not being courting is a sure sign they aren’t sure they want to have a future with you.
  7. They hate discussing feelings: You deserve to have a partner that wants to talk about your inner thoughts and worlds together.  A major reason people hate talking about their thoughts and feelings is because they are insecure and scared.  This is major cue that aren’t ready for a long-term relationship and you shouldn’t waste your time with them.
  8. They never let you see them sick: It’s a major comfort to have someone assist us when we are sick and love on us with reckless abandon. No one should worry about you seeing them at their lowest moments, instead it should be an opportunity to receive the love you want to bestow on them.  When we support our sick partners, it shows each other we treasure more than just their looks.  If they were serious about you, they wouldn’t want anyone else but you to care for them when they need it most.
  9. They just ended a major relationship: It takes a while after a break-up to be ready to truly commit to another person.  If they keep talking or venting about their ex, this is sign you must take things slowly.  You can still be friends and listen to them, but they need proper time to grieve and process this break-up.  By giving them this space they can rediscover themselves, learn to value you more, and enjoy being respected.  When the time is right, you will know when to take things to the next level.

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