Partner Will Cheat on You

Cheating happens in many relationships and it can happen for a variety of reasons. There are certain things in life that can make some people more likely to cheat while others stay faithful. If you want to know if your partner is going to cheat, there are no true answers that you can get but you can look at their past and see if they are more prone to cheat than others.

There are different kinds of people and not everyone is going to fall in the same rule. Some people are more prone to cheating but they might end up being loyal to you. When someone is more likely to cheat, chances are that they have done things in their past that led them to think that cheating was the only way for them.

Some of the signs include having friends and family that think cheating is okay, dealing with people that are jealous and other things. Here are some things you can pay attention to and find out if your partner is prone to cheating on you or not.

Of course, this is no guarantee that your partner will or will not cheat on you. If you think your partner is cheating, look and see why they might consider cheating okay.

There are some things in a person past that might help you to know if they might cheat on you but of course, just because someone cheated before doesn’t mean that they will cheat again. They may have learned and decided to be better in the future.

If someone cheated in their past, there are different reasons that they chose to cheat, and this can mean that they might be more prone to cheat in the future. This can be that they think they are good at getting away with things, that they love the game, or they might even be a repetitive cheater. Look for the signs and pay attention to how many partners your guy has had before you get with them.

Fear of Being Left

Sometimes a partner will cheat because they are afraid of being left. They are more prone to cheating when they feel this way.

If your partner is someone that was abandoned by their parents or if they were children of divorce, they might be afraid of being left and this can cause them to have a hard time being faithful.

Ask your partner about their past and how they look at relationships. Figure out if they have commitment issues or not.

Emotional Abuse

Being with someone that is a victim of emotional abuse can be hard and they can end up being cheaters. There are different ways that the abuse might have happened and sometimes they do not end up cheating in the future.

If you have a partner that has been emotionally abused by a family member, partner or even a parent, they are more prone to cheating that someone who hasn’t.

This can happen because they are afraid and they need to feel protected, therefore they seek out different partners to give them love. Find out if your partner was abused in the past and if they were, show them support and love and do not assume they will cheat on you.

Negative Role Models

Just because someone had a parent that cheated doesn’t mean that they will cheat too. Just because they see a parent being unfaithful, it does not make it a sign that they will follow in that behavior.

If they had good role models growing up and the role model cheated, it could cause them to repeat that behavior because they think it is okay or they might do the opposite because they saw how much pain it caused their family.

Pay attention to what kind of family your partner came from and what his parents relationship was like.

Bad Friendships

Family relationships and romantic relationship are not the only relationships that can determine if someone is happy or if someone is faithful. Having friendships is equally important to help determine if someone will cheat or not.

Someone that doesn’t have close friends might cheat in a relationship. Or, if they have had a hard time being friends with people, this can be a sign that they have a hard time bonding with others.  Sometimes they are not sure what loyalty really means.

Were Cheated On

The same as being a cheater, if your partner was cheated on by their partner, they might decide to cheat in the future. Not everyone that has been cheated on chooses this path but depending on the problems that come in the relationship, this can happen.

Some people will cheat because they feel that they will never be happy and so they go out of their way to ruin the relationship before they get their heart broken. They make their own actions to stop the relationship from growing.

Taking Risks

Just because someone takes risks, it doesn’t mean that they will cheat, they are just more likely to than someone that doesn’t. Sometimes when a person is reckless in their actions, they are more likely to cheat than others.

Some people cheat more because they are enticed by risky behavior. They want to do things differently, they are narcissistic, or they do not even realize how much their partner will be hurt by their actions.

This is like a thrill and some people want to take risks so that they can feel good, and this can include being unfaithful.

Low Self-Esteem

If you have a partner that has low self-esteem and they have been this way their whole life, they might end up cheating on you. This kind of behavior might happen because they want to feel that other people love and want them.

When someone has low self-esteem, they have a hard time being in relationships because they feel that they don’t belong in them and it causes them to be frustrated and disappointed in what is going on.

If someone has low self-esteem and they are in a relationship that isn’t strong, they might cheat because this can cause the relationship to end before it ends up going sour.

Cheating is something that is very common. There is no real way to know if someone is going to cheat in your relationship or not. But, when you can look at your partners past and really get to know them and things that have happened to them, you can at least know where they get their commitment ideas and their fidelity ideas from and what they really believe.

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