Having Me Time When Being in a Relationship

People are so busy lately that it seems like finding a way to spend your time wisely can be challenging. You might have to choose between one thing or another to do in your day, but many people forget to spend any “me” time.  Having time for yourself is something that you cannot really measure because you are always doing things in between the time that you spend for yourself.

When you are dating someone, you will make sure that you spend time with your partner, but you still need to make sure that you are taking time with yourself so that your relationship can be stronger.

Why Should You Have “Me” Time?

Think about the time when you were younger and when you didn’t work or have very many responsibilities. Can you remember that part of your life? What about before you started dating? More than likely, you had time when you spent much of your day with your friends or with your family. These were times that you went out and had fun with people other than your partner.

People that have different experiences can realize how important their relationship is and how much they love sharing their time with their partner. But the thing to remember is that you need to also allow yourself to have time with your friends and with your family. When you are able to have time with yourself, you can experience life with your partner and be able to share different experiences, thoughts, and ideas that you have on your own that you can do again with your partner.

Hard Parts of “Me” Time

It can be hard to have me time when you are in relationships where your partner is codependent on you. This means that they feel that they have to control you, or they are always demanding that you spend all of your time with them.

Your partner can make you feel guilty when you don’t spend time with them, and it can cause you and your partner to fight more and to feel angry when you decide that you need the me time. Make sure that you look at your relationship if this is happening to you.

Always make sure that you know who you are and that you give yourself time to be alone. Doing this can be hard if you have a codependent partner and it can cause them to be angry when you do things outside of being with them, but this makes your relationship unhealthy.

Respecting Us and Getting Me Time

Having time with yourself while dating someone doesn’t mean that you are not wanting to be close to your partner or that you want out of the relationship.

Having me time should never happen so that you can get away from your partner or so that you don’t have to handle things that are hard in the relationship. You should still be able to talk to your partner and communicate openly.

If you are taking alone time so that you can escape the relationship, you need to figure out what is going wrong in the relationship and why you are not resolving issues that you have. It might be hard for you to do this, but you need to make a way to be present when problems arise.

Having me time in a good way means that you are respecting yourself and your partner and you are not getting into activities that will cause your partner not to trust you. Me time is meant for you to connect with who you are and to do things with other people that you have relationships in your life with such as family or friends, but still allowing your connection with your partner to be strong.

Making “Me” Time Happen

Always schedule time for yourself to do things that you want to do. Do things such as going to your best friends graduation or take time for something that your partner wants to do. Always put me time into your calendar and make sure that it is as important as other things you have scheduled in.

Living with your partner can make alone time even harder. Talk to your partner and make sure that you are taking the time that you need to do things with yourself and things that you enjoy on your own. If you cannot leave the home, do things inside of the home alone such as watch television, play video games, read, or do whatever you want.

Finding “Me” Time

Here are some ways that you can make sure that you have me time. Always put these things in your calendar:

  • Take a half an hour or more to do something that you like to do.
  • Go for a walk by yourself.
  • Make a plan with your friend to go out.
  • Plan a night for yourself to do your favorite hobby.
  • Take time to journal without being bothered to do other things.
  • Take a mini-vacation.
  • Go to the spa.
  • Go to the gym on your own.
  • Call your friend and go out for coffee.
  • Go to a live band.
  • Go for a hike.
  • Go for a drive.
  • Go see a movie on your own.
  • Go out to a concert or an event.
  • Make a shopping trip with yourself.
  • Take a college course.
  • Find your favorite television show to watch.
  • Find groups online that you like to interact with.

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