Difference Between Being an Empath and Empathy

Most people have heard of empathy and many people consider themselves to be empathetic to others.

Empathy means that you are able to know the feelings of others based on their life and the things they are going through. This can mean that you get your heart strings pulled when someone is in need, and you are kind and caring and you will do what you can to help that person.

This means that you respond to someone when they are happy, sad, excited or when something terrible is happening in their personal life even though it never impacts your own personal self.

Empathy is something that not everyone has. This is a moral feeling that helps other people.

Then there is an empath. An empath is someone that picks up the feelings of others and will actually know what the person is feeling and will feel the same feelings. They can even feel the physical pain of someone that is sick.

If you have empathy, you might automatically think that you are an empath but that is not true. Empathetic people are ones that are compassionate for others, and they have strong feelings, but does this mean they are an empath?

This can be a yes and no answer because a person that is an empath will be empathetic to others. They will feel things deeper than other people do and they are often overly sensitive. Empaths feel things deeper than empathetic people do.

Empathy and Empath

There is a difference between having empathy and being an empath. Just because you are kind and compassionate it doesn’t mean that you will pick up the feelings of others. An empath will actually absorb the feelings of others like a sponge.

Empaths are able to know when someone is lying or telling the truth and will know the feelings based on the energy field.

They will be able to pick up different cues on how someone is feeling, and they will know when someone is happy, angry, sad or when their energy or mood changes.

An empath has to be very careful when dealing with emotions because they can become overwhelmed easily. This means that they have to take extra care of themselves to make sure that they are strong in their emotions.

Caring for an Empath

There are different things that an empath can do to care for themselves:

Know Your Own Emotions

An empath has to learn to tell the difference between their own emotions and the emotions of others. If you feel good and then you go into a room and your mood changes, note that those emotions aren’t yours. Learn to pay attention to how you feel before you go around anyone else.

Enjoy Life

Empaths need to learn to enjoy life because they are always picking up different emotions. This can be up and down and can cause an empath to be stressed.

Empaths have kindness and compassion for others, and they are connected deeply to people, animals, and nature. They are able to love things and they want things to be happy and good.

It is important that an empath not pay attention when negative things are going on around them. They have to learn to take care of their emotions and not be too sensitive.

Love who you are and let the negative things go in your life. You may not really understand why you are feeling things but embrace your positivity and be happy no matter what life throws at you.

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