What do Sex Dreams Really Mean?

Everyone has had a sex dream before and most of the time, a sex dream doesn’t have anything to do with sex at all.

If you are in bed and you are dreaming about having sex with your dream guy, or maybe even your fifth-grade teacher, you wake up and realize you were having a sex dream.

This kind of dream doesn’t mean that you have a strong sex drive or that you want to be with these people, the truth is, that most people have sex dreams and even though sex dreams can be interesting and general, science really does not believe that these dreams should be taken in the literal sense.

Just because you dream that you are having sex with someone that you know or even a stranger, it doesn’t mean that you want that to happen in real life.

Dreams are generally connected to what is going on in your life, and this can include sex dreams. Your dream characters are people that can come from your own personality.

When you have a sex dream, it doesn’t mean that you want to have sex with this person, it probably means that they have a trait that you admire, and you wish that you had that same trait.

When you show off your talents, you are vulnerable, and you become exposed just like you do when you have sex.

Some people believe that sex dreams can mean that you wish that you were fulfilling your life in a different way or that you want to be better at something. This can also reflect your fears or things you desire in your life.

What Sex in Your Dream Means?

If you have sex with your boss in your dream, it can mean that you are aware of your own abilities to be a leader. This can feel awkward once you wake up, but just don’t discuss it at the next staff meeting.


Having sex with a friend can mean that you have admiration for your friend. This kind of dream might seem weird when you have been friends with this person for a long time and you have never had feelings for them. Your subconscious sometimes needs to develop, and this can be the reason for your dreams.


Dreaming of your crush means that you probably want to have sex with them, or it can mean that you are drawn to them by their emotions or by their different qualities.


Having sex with a celebrity in your dream can mean that you are trying to figure out what you are talented at and you wish that you could be a star.


You think you are over your ex or someone that breaks your heart and then you find that you are dreaming about making love to them. This can mean that you have bad habits of being in bad relationships and if you dream this, consider it a red flag.

Cheating Partner

If you have a partner in your dream that is having an affair, chances are that you are not feeling that you are pleasing your partner like you should. Talk to your partner and see if you can do things to improve the relationship.


Having sex with a stranger can mean that you have a mind that is wanting you to come clean with yourself. Chances are that you have been hiding things and now is the time to come clean.

Family Member

Dreaming of having sex with a family member can seem gross but it can mean that you have qualities that you admire that are like people in your family.


There is no need to believe that a sex dream will mean that you want to get into bed with someone. Having these dreams can mean that you are just trying to get to know yourself better and to figure out who you are inside.

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