Unique Ways You Know They Love You
  1. You feel listened to and understood: People commonly share inconsequential stories or details with others.  One might politely nod their head or murmur something encouraging.  However, are they really listening?  When someone remembers the details of your random recollections this means they value what you said.  By listening to you, it shows they want to be more involved in your life.  The ability to truly listen and hear someone is a rare and valuable trait.
  2. Ability to admit mistakes: Admitting when you are wrong is not an easy task.  Yet, when one can concede it shows that the other person’s opinion is respected.  This is way they are capable of being able to compromise with you and get over any stubbornness.
  3. Willingness to fix items: This is especially true of men.  Someone who loves you will notice when someone is wrong and do everything possible to attend to the problem.  This can even mean knowing when to call a professional.  They might even take things a step further and help teach you how to fix a sink or use a table saw so that you can feel more empowered to tackle DIY projects on your own.
  4. Desires you to connect with their family: A relationships goes far beyond the couple into their loved ones as well. Although it can be tough to meet the family, only people in love want their partner to foster a special bond on their own with one of their special people.  They know that as you grow in love, you will become a more important part of their family, so why shouldn’t you have wonderful reports with your future in-laws!
  5. Asks for fashion advice: People always want to feel physically attractive to their partner.  Asking for you to help pick out their wardrobe, shows you that they value your taste in fashion.  This is a sign that they want to feel valued and be wowed by them.
  6. Enjoy the quiet moments in life with you: No chore or moment is too small for this person to share with you.  They want to spend as much time with you as possible.
  7. Makes you meals: Food is the way to heart for many people. It takes time and effort to plan, shop, prep, and cook for someone.  Making meals is special way to show you how special and important you are to them.
  8. Makes plans and keeps them: They want to create special moments for the both of you.  They know what is important to you and ensures they remember important dates in your life as well as celebrating them with reckless abandon.
  9. You are always beautiful to them: It doesn’t matter if you are in a hot red dress, or in stained sweats, your looks still take their breath away.  It doesn’t matter to them if your hair is gray and messy or perfect dyed and styled, you will always be the most beautiful girl in the room to them.  They always will constantly tell you how pretty you are.
  10. Makes sacrifices: You are their highest priority. This even means they will cancel a night out with the guys to sit on the couch with you and watch “This is Us.”
  11. Unwavering pride in your dreams and successes: There is never any unhealthy competition between you.  Your wins are their wins, and you will celebrate each together in high style.  This even means indulging a sudden desire for an African Safari or exploring an exhibit on rabbit paintings.
  12. Sincere concern and willing to fight for you: They are always your biggest cheerleader.  Even in your lowest moments, they will always find a way to help bring a smile to your face.  They will work tirelessly to find a solution to any problem and ensure your relationship is as healthy as possible.  This means helping you laugh through the tears, fielding a call from your father, or plying you with your favorite treats.
  13. Willingness to be vulnerable. Though it can be a challenge for people to show weakness, true love means not being afraid to show your softer side.  This is healthy so you can always feel like you are on similar pages in life and understand how to better support each other. They will always share their plans, goals, feelings, and concerns so they can be just as vulnerable as you in order to build the life you want together.

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