Date Your Friend

Do you have a circle of friends where you decided that dating one of them would be interesting but that the stakes might be too high? Do you feel that you are afraid that your feelings would go away after a while and that if you had romantic feelings for one person that the rest of the group might get weird?

Chances are that you will take the plunge and you will decide to spill your feelings. You may even find that you are happy dating this person and that you committed to them more than you ever imagined and vice versa.

You might even find that your friendship had become romantic easier than you imagined and that the idea of living happily ever after was not far off.

Dating someone that is in your friend group can be a mutual attraction, but it can be hard to pursue because you or maybe both of you are afraid that the relationship would end, and it would put an awkward feeling at future get togethers. You might also wonder how your other friends would react if it ended and what they would do.

Having a friendship that is developing into a more than friends is a learning stage and if you are looking to meet someone that can make you happy in the future and if you find that you want to spend more and more time with this person, you might want to try dating.

Before you rush into dating your friend, here are some things you should ask yourself and your friend:

Are You Sure You Are Interested?

You must decide if you are really interested in your friend or if they are just someone that you know, and it makes it easy. You need to make sure that you would want to date this person if you weren’t friends and look at what qualities that they have that you like.

Find out if this person is someone that you would date if you had never met them before. You have to find out if you are really interested in this person or if you are just attracted to the friendship.

You can figure this out by making a distance between you and taking time to figure out your feelings. When you are tired of the distance and you still think about him, you probably really like him.

Things will move faster after you realize you like this person because you do not have to go through the dating scene. You might find out that this person is someone that you should have dated a long time ago and you should have been together instantly.

What Kind of Relationship Will you Have?

Since you are already friends, you need to know where the relationship is going. Do you want to be with someone that only chooses you or are you going to just casually date and date other people?

There are things you need to decide once you start seeing each other because you do not want things to go sour.

If you choose to stay casual, you might get into the position where you get jealous easy and this can cause some strain but if you don’t want something serious yet, you need to communicate this with your friend so that they do not get their feelings hurt. Hurting someone that close to you can be really painful and you need to make sure you are ready to date your friend.

Find out if you will work out romantically with this person so that you do not hurt them. Talk to them before you choose to be with them so that you can make sure you don’t ruin your friendship.

Friend and Relationship

If you want to date your friend and they are not single, you need to wait until that relationship ends before you go after them.

It can get hard fast if you are expecting your friend to break up with their partner. You might tell them how you feel but if they are with someone, there is a good chance that the relationship will end bad for you later if they choose you over their partner.

If there is a strong chemistry between you and your friend, he will more than likely see this and leave his present partner anyways and you will not have to worry too much about it.

Stay friend with this person and wait and see what happens. Find out if you are in the right place with them and if they are in the right place. Be kind and do not upset his ex or be hurtful to them.

Both Single

If you are both single and you want to date your friend, do it. Tell them that you like them and get to know them better. Treat them like you would other friends but flirt a little bit to create a vibe. See if it is returned.

Suggest going out or about dating and see if they answer or if they act weird towards you. You can just laugh at this and not bring it up again if they act awkward.

If They Say No

If you want to date someone that is your friend and they say no, do not let the rejection ruin your friendship. It might be a bit awkward at first but move past that and let it go.

You already have a strong friendship and a connection and if the attraction isn’t there for both parties, you don’t want to be with them anyways. You may lose your friendship after you ask them out and so you need to realize and see how strong your friendship is before you go after them.

If they tell you no, remind them that you are friends and you want to stay friends. Do not bring it up again or press the issue. If they want to stay friends, they will. Saying how you feel and then letting it go should be the last time it is brought up.

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