Red Flags in Dating

Relationships can be hard and so you need to make sure that you have deal breakers when you start dating someone. Pay attention to red flags in your relationship and learn not to ignore them but work together to compromise or learn to accept that someone is not meant to be with you.

Here are some red flags you need to pay attention to:

Telling You They Are Perfect

When someone tells you how perfect they are, it can be exciting at first. But when the person doesn’t see you for who you are and they really think they are perfect, they can be hard to be with. This can lead to obsession and more and can be bad for you.

Low Sex Drive

If you are with someone and you want to have sex, it is important that you and your partner have the same sex drive. If they do not want to have sex with you because their sex drive is down, figure out if you want to only be intimate once a month or if you want to move on. This can cause you to have hurt feelings and pressure from both sides.

Pushing Boundaries

If your partner refuses to stop doing things that you don’t like even though they are playing or joking, this is a bad sign. They need to respect your boundaries. If they cannot respect small boundaries, don’t expect them to respect bigger ones.

Moving Fast

They are wanting to move fast, or they are on the rebound but either way, moving too fast can be toxic. This can also mean you are dating a narcissist.

Getting Between Family and Friends

When someone walks into your life and tries to push you away from people you love, get away from them fast.

Rolling Eyes

Someone that rolls their eyes a lot can cause you to get angry and be unhappy. A good relationship will not have a lot of eye rolls because this is disrespectful.

Call Exes Crazy

If your partner is in all bad relationships in the past, then there is a problem. If they describe all of their ex-partners as crazy, you might be the crazy one next.

Name Calling

Arguing will happen but when someone goes into a frenzy and calls you names or acts like a monster when you are fighting, it shows you that they have no respect for you.

No Work Ethic

Never date someone that doesn’t work. They need to have a good work ethic and make sacrifices in their life to make life better. If they don’t work hard to build a life for themselves, move on.

Mean to Parents

Everyone has problems getting along with their parents sometimes but if you find that your partner is right down mean to their parents, this can be a sign for you. If they are not grateful or kind to the people that birthed them then how will they be kind to you?

Change in Attitude

Some people will change their attitude in a second.  You can never trust that they are going to be in a good mood that won’t turn sour in a second. Pay attention to this.

Sleep Schedule

It can be hard to date someone that is on a different sleep schedule than you. This can get in the way of spending time together, going out and working.


Do not date someone that is secretive about the small things because what does this mean about the big things?

Cheated on Their Partner

If you are dating someone that cheated on their last partner, you can expect the same thing for you.

Want Your Passwords

You do not have to give someone your passwords and your phone. Date someone that can trust you and someone that believes you. You never want to be with someone that is obsessive and untrusting.

Guilt Trip

Some people cannot help but to guilt trip you into doing what they want. Do not date someone that is going to make you feel guilty all the time.

Financial Values

Make sure you are dating someone that is on the same mind in the finances as you are. You need to talk about money and other situations before you get serious.

Make You Feel Dumb

If you are dating someone that is always changing what you say to make you feel dumb, this is a sign to run. Do not let someone put you down or call you dumb. They do this to get you to change your mind and think their way and that is no okay.

Making Fun of You

Anyone who doesn’t respect you during sex or who makes you feel weird when you are naked should not be with you.

Public Relationship

Watch out for people that will not make your relationship public. If you are a secret, there is more to it than that and you need to find out why.

Need Reassurance

It is okay to need someone to reassure you here and there but if that is a constant thing chances are that they are very insecure.


Make sure that you are with someone that thinks that faithfulness means the same thing that you mean it to be. You don’t want to be with someone that cheats on you either physical or emotionally. Do not be okay with the idea of them thinking faithfulness is something different or you will end up hurt.

Double Standard

This person might beg you to never go out of town without them but then when you want to go do something, they won’t go, or they spend all night hanging out with other people.

Cannot Apologize

Get away from someone that is always making you do the apologizing. If they cannot apologize when they are wrong, they will always blame you for their actions.

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