Love Someone More Than They Love You

When you fall in love with someone you want that person to love you back. You want them to have unconditional love for you and you want them to care for you and to take care of you. You want them to commit to you and to join you in life. You want someone that will show you kindness and will want you to be part of their future. Someone that will put their own life on the backburner for you.

Some people do find this kind of love. They find the perfect person for them and they take them to be on their side.

But what happens when you do not have this kind of love?

Maybe you have a partner that ends up not being the perfect person of you. This can be someone that you were ready to meet up with but then after you were in a relationship with them, you ended up hurt or heartbroken.

You then never thought that you would meet a person to be close to or that there was no hope of having a forever person.

Finding love is easy when it goes both ways. When you meet someone that is looking for something the same that you are, and they are ready to commit to you. Love can be different depending on who you are and what kind of relationship you are in.

When you are in a long-term relationship with someone, you will share the same values and goals. Finding the right person can be easy if you have the same ideas.

We often have a hard time meeting people that have the same ideas as us and so it brings frustration in our inability to find the right relationship. Sometimes we are too stressed, or we are too vulnerable, and it causes us to not want to move forward in our relationships.

Sometimes we get stuck in a pattern in relationships and we never get what we want or hope for.

What happens when you find that you are in a relationship where you love them more than they love you? You might wonder how you fell for this again and how you keep getting into these kinds of relationships.

Maybe you never see the signs and you wonder why you care so much for this person if they don’t care back for you.

Here are some reasons why you might need to look more clearly at your relationships. You need to learn to look beyond your emotions and see what is really happening in the relationship.

More to Love

What it really is, is that love is an intense feeling. You and the person that you are with might look at things differently. You might love each other but maybe they don’t care about the same things or care for you the same as you do for them.

Some people love others, and they care enough for them but other people have more love. They show their feelings and there is an imbalance in the relationship. Are you in a situation where you can learn to overlook these feelings or are you going to be angry and hurt? You have to know this from the beginning.

Decisions and Plans Without You

Sometimes your partner will make decisions without you and that is fine but if you want to be with someone that you share the same future and goals with you have to make sure that you are working together.

If this seems to always happen and your partner is not including you, they may not include you in the future. They know that you are around, and they need to know that you have to fit into their needs or that you will not move forward in the future.

Personal Life

You want to be with someone that wants to know everything about you. You want them to love you and to be nice to you, but you also want them to be interested in all aspects of your life.

You want them to fall deeply in love with you and to want to know the good and the bad things about you. You want them to want you to the point where it seems that they cannot get enough of you.

You want someone that is interested in you and makes plans with you and someone that will invest in you.


You will be the one that often takes on more effort in getting things together in the relationship. Your partner might be passive and not show enough care about what is happening. You try to engage your partner and you want them to be more involved in your life.

If you find that you are always working too hard to please your partner, then you need to pay attention to this. You should never have to beg your partner to give you praise or attention. You have to think about what you are doing and how you are acting.


Do you feel that you are always competing with your partners friends? Your relationship should be one where they put you first. If they are putting their friends first, this is a problem, and you need to pay attention to this red flag.

When you are in a committed and romantic relationship, your partner might still spend time with other people, but they should want to spend most of their time with you.

You should be important to their life and you should be someone that they want to spend the majority of their time with.


Never ignore signs that your partner doesn’t love you. Pay attention to how they make you feel and what you need in your relationships.

Do not dismiss the feelings that you have or choose to settle with someone for less than what you want or desire.

Do not try to change your partner and if they are trying to change you, leave. Don’t ignore if they don’t show you love. You deserve to be with someone that shows you love in every single

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