Deep Connection

Everyone wants to be loved and to feel connected to other people. They want to find someone that will love and appreciate them.

We all have millions of people that we come across, many online friends on social media and other relationships but sometimes even with all of these people that we know, we still feel alone.

People that do not feel love and accepted by others will feel insecure and they will feel that their life is invaluable.

Being around people that find it easy to make connections can often make you feel that you are alone and that you are not able to find love.

When you look at your life, you have to figure out if something is wrong with you and if you are in relationships for the wrong reasons or if you have a hard time just making new connections with people.

It can seem funny to see that some people are able to make friends so easy while we often feel that we are lacking in our relationships.

When you are looking to find love, here are some ways to do it:

Have an Open Heart

One of the first things that you have to do in order to have good relationships is to make sure that you have meaningful conversations with people. These relationships do not have to be spiritual or extreme, they just need to be real.

You can have these conversations with anyone by just saying what is in your heart and then listening to what they tell you. Learn to have common ground in things and allow yourself to feel vulnerable.

Be There

Sometimes when we are around people, we do not completely listen to what they are saying. We have to listen and talk back. We have to listen to the conversation and respond if we want to have deep conversations.

Learn to open up to people and learn to trust them. Once you reach this level of comfort, you will know the person better and you will see that you can let people in.


Just like you do other things, you have to learn to love others. Do not allow your mind to tell you to back off but allow the moment to come to you. Talk instead of being silent and learn to listen and give of yourself in the conversation.


We all have the same things we are dealing with such as politics, friendship, spiritual things and bettering ourselves.

If you want people to love you, you have to put energy into the relationship. You have to let people know that you care and tell them about what you are feeling.

Do not allow barriers to hold you back and change your mindset and show yourself that you deserve to be loved.

What it Looks Like

Stop telling yourself that love looks a certain way and learn to expect that love looks differently for everyone. Learn to commit to being kind and to showing love to others. Be supportive in your relationships and allow people to understand you and to care for you.

People are often compassionate and want to have that in return and they are willing to be more giving in the relationship when they feel love.


We sometimes get caught up in what we don’t have that we forget what we do have. Remember the people that are there to support you and allow them to offer love and appreciate back to you. Do not be afraid of people judging you and do not sabotage yourself by running away.

You might wonder if friendships have to be romantic, and they do not. You might want romance in your life, but you can also find love just by people around you that support you and care for you.

Not Giving Love

It is easy to show what we don’t have but we have to be honest with what we do have. Do you want people that are more about you and that check on you? If you do, are you giving them the same in return? Do you check on them and are you asking if they are okay?

Always give people the kind of love that you want to get back. Show them you care, praise them, notice small things about them and find out if they need help from you.

You do not always have to be the one that is giving things and friendship should be a two-way thing but be kind and learn to just think outside of the box.


We sometimes go out for love, but we are not doing what we really need for ourselves. If you have pain in your past and you are avoiding it, you will never be able to move on in love. You have to learn to talk through your past and if you need help, talk to someone you can trust like a counselor or a family member. Find purpose in your life.

We all want to be loved and we all want to have people in our lives that love us. Learn to be connected with people around you and to be confident in making new friends.

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