Finding a Good Man

Finding a good man is what most women want in their life. Many women wonder what it will take to find a good man and they end up with the wrong kind of men. Most of the time, women work too hard to find someone and when they try too hard, they are often put in situations where they are used. On the other hand, when they are a successful, the problem is they have to continue working hard to keep the relationship up.

The best way to be in a relationship and find a good man is to make sure that you are following these three rules:

  • Be intolerant
  • Be the person you want to attract
  • Do not hold yourself back.

Intolerance is a strong thing because when you want to date, it means you have to relate to the person, and you will want to mate or eventually get married.

In the first part of your relationship, you do not want to put up with things that you do not want to happen. You have to demand respect and be firm about what you want. If your date comes to get you and he is an hour late, do not let him do that. Tell him what you want and if he keeps breaking the rules you set, move on.

What some people do is negotiate everything and they want to compromise but you cannot do this when you are in the first stages of dating or it will lead to a life of that. Make sure that when you are dating that you are having fun but that you have good chemistry and that you are finding rules and boundaries that work for you.

If you tolerate too much, then you are telling your guy that you do not have boundaries and that you have no self-respect.

The second thing to do is to make sure that you are being who you want to attract. If you want a mature guy, be mature if you are wanting someone kind, be kind. Find someone that fits what you want. Maybe you are looking for financial security and you want someone you can communicate with.

Relationships will work the best when you attract people the way that you are. Find someone that can meet what you want in life and do not give in to what you do not want.

The last thing to do is to show your partner who you are right from the beginning. If you are flawed, that is okay. Keep investing time in the relationship as long as they know who you are and as long as you do not have to change.

Put yourself out there and your faults and what you want in your life before you become deeply invested in the relationship. Make sure that they give you what you want and that you are with someone that can love you for who you are.

Ask your partner if they like you for who you are and if they do not respond the way that you want them to, then move forward right away.

Doing this can help you to avoid hard feelings and hurt. You must always know what you want in the relationship and you have to clarify this.

It is always important that you are trustworthy and honest when you get into a relationship. Never fake what you are feeling and make sure you and your partner are honest at what you want.

Honesty is the most important in a relationship and it will help to make your relationship strong and true. This is a way that you can respect yourself and your partner. Be the person you want to attract and be committed when they show up.

If you are honest and you answer the questions your partner has, you will realize that you are showing yourself respect and your relationship.

When you choose not to be honest, it can cause you to be resentful and to miss out on intimacy. You have to figure out how to attract a good partner and when you do this, you will feel that you are in a relationship that is strong and healthy.

Use the approach above if you want to try to find a new relationship. Always make sure that you respect yourself enough to find someone that will love and respect you and treat you the way that you deserve to be treated.

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