What Guys Like

You might be that person that is always going out to eat with your guy or always responding to the text messages that he has sent you and maybe you are flirting with them in a way that they may or may not understand. Maybe he is responding to you, but you are not really sure what he really feels.

You wonder if he wants to date you or you wonder if he just wants to be friends?

Here are some signs that he loves you, but probably just as a friend:


One of the big signs that someone wants to be friends is that he will confide in you about personal things. Even though this might look like he is opening up to you and bonding with you, the truth is that when he doesn’t care about telling you how he has sex with another girl or how he likes someone, then he is not trying to date you but he wants to hang out with you because you are his friend.


When a guy will show up around you with his hair a mess and his clothes looking like he just went through the ringer, chances are he is not trying to impress you. When he keeps wearing the same shirt and the doesn’t fix his hair, he probably just wants to be friends.

Dating Advice

A guy that likes you will not come to you to get dating advice. If your guy friend is coming to ask you how he can hook up with a girl or if he is connecting with someone else, this means he is probably your friend and not interested in more.


He will probably ask you to go run around with him or ask you to go eat but he does not call these things dates but just hanging out. He will want to spend time with you because you are his friend and nothing more.


When a guy likes you, he will always be there for you and always want to come to see you. He will make excuses to be with you. But if he is just your friend, he will just spontaneously show up and never go out of his way to make plans or dates with you.


Maybe you text this guy a lot and this might make you feel that he is interested in you but if he never talks about getting together or talks about your feelings, he probably just sees you as his pal.

Weekend Talk

He will call and text you and tell you what he did over the weekend and what is going on in his life, but he did not invite you to go with him. If he wanted to be with you, he would schedule you in his Saturdays and Sundays.


When he wants you to meet his friends because you all hang out in a group, this can mean he just wants to stay friends. Pay attention to if he treats you differently or if he treats you like he does his other friends. You are hanging out is just another friend he likes to spend time with.

Laid Back

If you go on a trip or you have not talked to him for a few days, he might not even check to see what you are doing or how you are. When you are together, he likes to talk to you but when you are not with him, he might even act like you do not exist. He just probably sees you as his buddy.


You spend a lot of time with this guy but if you are going to the clubs or the bars and never in a nice restaurant, he probably considers you to be his friend.

His House

He might never ask you to come to his house and maybe you do not even know where he lives. Chances are he will not make the suggestion to go to his place after you have hung out for the evening. This happens because he is keeping you at friend’s distance.


Maybe you have been to his home many times and you have had sex with him. Even though you have had sex, there are friends with benefits and if you have been sleeping with him and he has not made a move, he probably thinks of you as that.


When a guy calls you cute, chances are this is not a sign that he wants to be with you. Maybe he thinks you are cute because he thinks of you as his buddy or his little sister. He does not call you sexy or hot and this is a bad thing if you want to be deeper with him.

Single Life

Talking to a guy about a relationship happens but if you are talking to your friend and he does not give you any reason to think he wants to be in a relationship, he probably isn’t interested in you. If you are with someone that likes you, he will want to stop being single and hit you up.

F Word

A guy that calls you his best friend or asks if you are still friends after a disagreement means he does not think of you as a romantic part of his life. If he does not like you the way you want to, he is missing out on someone that could make him an amazing partner.

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