Is it love or lust? This is how to know

Is it love or lust? This is how to know

Relationships are not easy. Regardless of the kind of relationship it is, dedication must take center stage. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that you are not sure whether you are falling in love or lusting over your new partner.

Do both of you feel the same for each other or rather are you both attracted to each other?  Love and attraction are two distinct things and you don’t want to waste time on something that doesn’t have future.

There are stages of attraction:

Stage 1: The ‘In Lust’ Period

Each and every relationship starts with a little bit of physical attraction. Passion and desire drive you towards that individual. You don’t seem to get enough of each other. The following are signs that you are lusting over your current partner.

  • Both of you pay much attention to physical appearance.
  • You want to be strongly connected sexually and not emotionally.
  • You try to refrain from real emotions and feelings in conversations.
  • You are not emotionally connected as friends but share a physical connection as lovers.

Stage 2: The Deepening Attraction Period

This is the stage where the attraction deepens and grows. Lust is not involved anymore. You start thinking about what the future holds for you and your partner. Since you are now in love, it’s not surprising that you’ll begin having butterflies and your heart start beating faster.

Stage 3: Deep Love and Attachment

You are now past the dating stage and the attraction is seen to something deeper than physical needs and wants. You love your partner and appreciates them regardless of their flaws. You begin having essential conversations on what the future holds. You learn to love and accept your partner every day. The following are indications that you are in love.

  • You long to be with your partner and have that feeling of possessiveness.
  • You long for sex and quality time with them.
  • You have long conversations with them.
  • You pay attention to each other’s feelings with the main aim of making each other happy.
  • You want him or her to meet your friends and family.

True love is a very nice experience. You are on a journey of self-discovery with your partner by your side to make you laugh and happy throughout the journey. Your main goal is to create a difference between love and lust, however, do not force it.

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