Ways of knowing whether its true love or just sex

Ways of knowing whether its true love or just sex

Sometimes it’s not easy to tell the difference between love and sexual attraction since both are likely to cause strong reactions. Other times an individual might feel while the other individual is just there because of lust. Comprehending the differences can help you make a decision on the direction of your relationship with the other person.

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Knowing the difference between love and lust

  1. Know whether whatever both of you are feeling is a sexual attraction.

Paying more attention to each other’s physical appearance, having conversations that just revolve around sex, and having no interest in knowing the other individual better are some of the signs that are related to lust. Relationships that are only based on sexual attraction doesn’t work for long, but it can be more complicated if one individual feels love while the other is only there to lust.

  1. Ask yourself if you both feel love for each other

Love is often accompanied by sexual attraction but it goes deeper. Contemplate whether both you value each other’s happiness and can have conversations that can make you know each other well. Find out if you would love to be part of that individual’s life by meeting knowing their friends and family members. Is there a connection between you and that person? Do both of you share the same values and interests?

  1. Know that biology is responsible

Romantic love and lust are involved in the explanation of universal attitudes of humans towards mating and reproduction. Feelings of love in a relationship are created when sexual attraction, romantic love and long term feelings of attachment work together in different proportions.

  1. Recommend participating in a variety of activities with the other individual

Try undertaking activities that you both enjoy, by doing so you’ll be finding your way to love. If you’re finding it hard to discover anything that doesn’t revolve around sex, then it means you are just sexually attracted to each other.

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Communicating about expectations

  • Inquire from the other individual about what they’re getting out of the relationship.

It’s all about sexual attraction if the other person just talks about your sexual appearance or your sex life. Regardless of the love you feel, you must take the other person’s feelings and ideas into consideration.

  • If you’ve noticed that you have different goals, think whether you still want to continue with the relationship.

Lust is all about sexual attraction and it developing into love is very hard. You might really want to feel loved with the other person but if they don’t reciprocate the love you can’t really have the connection you want.

  • If you cannot agree then better put the relationship on hold.

At times, you both need to think about what you really want. If both you have different ideas about the relationship it can be hard to reach on a mutual understanding. But if you can understand each other then that’s great.

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Communicating about your relationship

  1. Share your relationship visions.

Be honest with the other individual and tell them your desires of the relationship. Let them know your thoughts. Do not just assume that they are aware of what you want.

  1. Inquire whether the other individuals also have similar relationship goals.

If the other individual agrees, start figuring out your expectations. Begin thinking about how both of you will accomplish your goals.

  1. Constantly communicate about your relationship.

Your ideas about the progress of your relationship are likely to change over time. There’s a possibility of that romantic love you thought you felt being just excitement and just want to have sex with the other individual nothing more.

  1. If you don’t like the way the relationship is moving, speak up.

You have put down what you want in a relationship. Therefore, it’s now time to let the other individual know what you need. It’s always easy to let things slide in the first stages of the relationship. But as time goes by this can lead to bigger problems. Inform them about what you want and need.

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Breaking off a relationship

  1. Consider a break up if you cannot agree on shared visions of your relationship.

This can either happen early in the relationship or later when the relationship has gained momentum. Even if you want the relationship to work, if you can’t come into an agreement over an issue then it won’t work. Giving it time might be a good idea but that just makes it harder for you to leave.

  1. Give yourself time to move on.

You’re definitely emotionally vulnerable even though it might seem easy to just get out and find someone new. Reflect on what you learned from the relationship that just ended and tries spending time with family and friends. Before you try finding someone new you need to recharge.

  1. Discover what works best for you.

If you’re aspiring to find someone who you can have a mutual understanding, then knowing where you’re in life is very important. Contemplate on where you want to meet the kind of individual you want to date.

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