Keeping Dating Casual

When you meet someone, it can be hard to know what they are looking for and what kind of relationship they are wanting.  When they know you are interested, they need to know if you want a long-term relationship or if you just want to keep it casual.  This can help you to figure out your future goals in each relationship.

People are not always sure what they want, and they can leave you questioning their motives.  You might be able to know, but if someone tells you that they want to just be friends, more than likely they mean this.

Women don’t always understand what the motives of a guy they are hooking up with are and they are wondering if he loves them.  If your guy has told you that they didn’t want to be in in a relationship, they want to just be friends and sometimes women keep trying to find reason why the guy isn’t interested in them.  It is important to listen to what the guy you are seeing tells you, even if you don’t want to believe what he is saying.  If they tell you they aren’t looking for a serious relationship, believe them.


Guys that aren’t interested in dating will not try to go on actual dates, but they will want to do things casual like hanging out or going somewhere.  It is important to communicate and to share what you want with your guy and have them share what they are looking for.  This way, there will be no confusion in the relationship.


You might not notice right away, but eventually you will realize that you haven’t met his family.  This more than likely means that they are not looking for a serious relationship with you.

If you have been dating for a long time and they still have not took you to meet their parents or siblings, that could be a huge sign that they are not going to commit to you.  If you are bothered by this, you need to have a conversation with them about it.

It is important to be open and to talk about the situations in any relationship.  Never panic or do things to try to make the person love you, just know what he is expecting and know what you want as well.  Tell them that you feel like things are getting serious and you want to know how they feel.  If they tell you they want a casual relationship and this is not what you are looking for, break up with them.  Even if this makes you sad, you will get over it and be able to move on.


Not all relationships have strong communication, but if you are in a relationship, you should have deep talks sometimes.

If the person you are seeing does not want to be truly committed, chances are that he will not have conversations that bring emotions into the relationship.

Not only that, he might also want to keep the distance, especially when you are trying to have a serious talk.  If you feel that they are keeping their distance and you are falling for them and feeling more attached, try to distance yourself a little bit.

Can’t Reach Them

If you date someone and they don’t respond to your texts or your phone calls, they might not be looking for a serious relationship.  Don’t let this hurt your feelings and if someone isn’t in love, it is about them and not about you.  If you are early in the relationship, you need to know that they might end up rejecting you and that you might not fit what they are looking for you.  If they are not interested in you then your needs won’t be met either.


If you are only doing certain things with your guy or going certain places, they might be hinting that they want to just be friends.  As a relationship grows, a man will typically want to take you would and show you different parts of their life and do different activities.  If this isn’t happening, he might just be limiting you because he doesn’t want to be serious with you.


When a person gives you excuses for cancelling plans and it happens more than you think it should, chances are they aren’t interested in being serious with you.  When you want to be around someone, you find reasons to be together and don’t cancel plans very often.  If a guy is not interested in you, he might not see anything serious about cancelling your plans.

Me not We

When you are dating someone and they always talk about themselves instead of both of you, chances are they want to be casual with you.  Moving the conversation from a me to an us would mean that you are coming together as one and not that you are separate people, living separate lives.  If you don’t hear the word “we” then chances are you need to move on.

Last Minute

When you are dating someone that just wants to be friends, there will be plans that come together at the last moment.  Instead of planning or taking time to come up with something great, he might just decide to get together last minute because the plans are not that necessary.

If he is interested, he will discuss plans for the upcoming week or for the next weekend.  He will engage in conversation with you about your future together, even if that means a movie a few days away.  When they aren’t interested in taking the relationship to a deeper level, they will always come up with things to do the last second when they are free.


A person that likes you will go out of their way to make you feel special.  If your guy doesn’t, he probably wants to keep things casual.  When you really care about someone, you will go out of your way to make sure that you do special for that person.


Even though a man might be pointing to a casual relationship, this is not a bad thing unless you are looking for something serious.  If you are looking for something serious, you need to figure out what you are looking for and what they are looking for and then possibly go your separate ways.

If you aren’t looking for something serious at the moment, keep going out and having fun and keep things casual.

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