Why are Women Getting Married Less Often?

Why are Women Getting Married Less Often?

There was once good reason for women to marry. Men offered something that women needed as providers, hunters, and even protectors. This was important because women were to bear children, raise them, and maintain the home. These were natural and accepted roles so no one considered an alternative. However, women have broken free of that mold and against biology in many cases, so the need for marriage is not as strong. More and more women are coming to the realization that marriage is not a necessity.

In addition to this awakening, there are other reasons that will be shared as to why women are choosing to marry less often.

Fewer Worthwhile Guys

Overall, women feel the caliber of men has declined. Whether joblessness has taken a toll or just fewer worthwhile men, there are few that are marriageable.

Women Do It All

As of 2010, the number of women in the workplace outnumber men, for the first time. While a wage gap still exists, women are still in more positions than men. Women are also more likely to be better educated. Women are becoming everything for themselves, not needing men to care for them any longer.

Marriage is an Outdated Concept

For centuries, marriage was for political and economical reasons, used to create families. Love was not as important as marrying a daughter to the richest suitors out of necessity. This is no longer the case.

Men Feel Threatened

Though women have wholeheartedly accepted their new and changing roles, masculinity is fragile. As masculinity is threatened by self-sufficient females, men become alienated and shy away from stronger women. This leads to fewer men to marry.

Hook-Up Culture

Serious commitment is no longer the norm as casual relationships and hook-ups are becoming commonplace. This seems to work for more people.

No Need to Marry-Up

In the past, women needed to marry up in order to improve their lives. Now that women are better educated and more successful, there is no need to marry up.

Women on the Rise

Women have been and continue to fight for equality. As they did so, men sat back with nothing to fight for so they were surpassed and fell behind. This trend is likely to continue.

Not Necessary for Motherhood

Being a single mother is not as stigmatized as it once was, so it is more likely that more will choose to be single mothers in the future. There are also plenty of options for women who do not want a man involved to still get pregnant with the technological advancements of our time.

Men Lost Value

When there is an imbalance in gender ratio, the lower side has higher value, but the US has a relatively equal amount on either side of the genders. This balance means that men do not feel a need to improve, but women are still improving as part of equality. This moves women further from the idea of marriage.

Women as the Men They Wish to Marry

Women are no longer considered the fairer gender. Women are the tough, badass, self-sustaining entities that they once searched for in men. Basically, women are their own “best” man and can do it all alone. No marriage needed.

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