Relationship Types that Should be Avoided

Relationship Types that Should be Avoided

When dating, it is likely that everyone will have at least one complicated relationship. Just because it is normal, does not mean you have to have a difficult experience as well. While relationships, even failed ones, can teach us important lessons, some lessons are best not learned the hard way. Below are several complicated relationships that should be avoided.

Friends with Benefits

Though it sounds good in theory to have a relationship that is purely sexual with no strings attached, it is a recipe for disaster. Someone will end up catching feelings and want more at some point. If not, you are still serving as a plaything until someone better comes along. Neither is a good situation to be in. Once one person gets in an involved relationship, the friendship, benefits or not, is doomed.

Secret Relationships

Living with a secret relationship is unfair to everyone and will end unpleasantly. There may be reasons the relationship is being kept secret, family disapproval, someone is married, or friends do not approve, but it will end poorly.

Long Distance

Long distance relationships are painful and often frustrating. If you are close enough to drive to one another it may work, but needing continuous plane tickets gets messy and expensive. While technology can make it a bit easier, a computer screen is not easy to cuddle with. The real thing is always better. There is no way to truly bond when you are rarely together which can lead to jealousy or cheating. Though some manage to make it work, it takes patience and a specific personality to do so.


Though having a crush on a friend’s husband or wife is common, it can lead to a highly complicated relationship. If an affair begins, you have ruined a marriage and lost a friend. Never flirt with someone’s spouse or if you are married. Simply avoid the situation altogether.

Fake Personality

Though all relationships begin with a bit of acting because you wish to be impressive, you need to be who you are in life. Though we all start out on our best behavior, sustaining the lies will not work long-term. If you do fake it for a while, the relationship will be unsatisfactory. This is also unfair to your partner who thinks you are one thing that suddenly changes.

Best Friend

Having a best friend crush is tough because you risk losing a friend if the feelings are not returned or push it down and start to let resentment build. Both choices are horrible. Even if luck is on your side and the feelings are returned, the friendship ends. This is extremely complicated.


Most people overlook this type of relationship, but it can seem appealing. Dating someone simply because they are convenient can make it hard to break away. Maybe the circumstance is you share an apartment or one person has an injury and needs care that leaves the other too guilty to leave. Either way, this will end in complicated heartbreak.

It’s Comfortable

Comfortable relationships are like your favorite pair of sweatpants. This is a relationship that is not intense and lacks chemistry, but both parties are fine staying together because its easy. Though you may like the person you are with, there is no real passion. You are only together for convenience or because you are afraid to be alone. This is a waste of time.

Even if you have been involved in one of these types of relationships, you can choose better next time. If you are in one now, reevaluate and find something much less complicated.

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