The Heathy Way to Advocate for Love

People say when love is important to you, you might fight for it.  But the fight becomes unhealthy when one begins to beg for reciprocal love.  So how can one remain healthy and still experience love?  Begin by empowering yourself to know your needs, wants, and limits.  Be confident to go after what feels right to your gut.

You must remember, for true love to exist, both parties must be willing partners.  You both must come together to solve differences and obstacles as a team.  Likewise, you both have to take responsibilities for your actions and how they impact the other.  If only one person is putting in the work, you don’t have a loving relationship and should end things amicably.  A relationship is always worth fighting for if both parties are trying to create a healthier environment for both the individual and the union.

It is unhealthy for a person when they feel compelled to plead for affection.  Seldom does the beseecher come across as anything other than desperate.  If you find yourself having these actions concern the object of your affection, consider that this individual might not be the best match for you.  Even if you happen to attract this person’s glance, would you even be able to sustain the affair?  Having to grasp so tightly only something, frequently leads to fatigue, and ultimately, it slips away.

To chase down love, means the person is elusive to your feelings and needs.  Take a break to consider how you want to be treated in a relationship.  Currently, this person is displaying publicly, that you aren’t a priority.  This is unhealthy and will cause you further distress.  You are essentially putting out too much effort and reaping no satisfaction.  By pursuing this endless chase, you are trying to force open a door that is meant to be shut to you.  Perhaps in time the situation my change, but only if the other person’s mind shifts.  Currently, there isn’t anything for you in this dynamic and you are only preventing yourself from finding fulfilling love with someone else.

Healthy love is displayed when someone shows you that you are a top priority and makes you feel special without need for solicitation.  You both will put in equal effort and find ways to create solutions to issues as a team.  When you are with a loving partner you will feel it to your core.  You will have peace known that they want to make you happy, not stress and seek to spend time with you and not require you to hunt them down.

Make sure to love yourself first, and know the value you are able to bring into a healthy relationship.  When you fully embrace yourself, you will understand that time is too precious to waste on someone who isn’t invested in your well-being.  There truly are more fish in the sea.  You deserve to be love fully and passionately.  When are unsure if a potential relationship is healthy or not for you, make sure to check in with your gut.  If this person makes you feel happy, valued and safe then understand rough patches happen in all relationship and that working together you can weather any storm.

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