Tips on how to survive modern dating if you are romantically desperate

Tips on how to survive modern dating if you are romantically desperate
  1. It should be friendship first then a romance comes later. I believe that friendship should always come first before romance. Trust is very important for me just like it is for everybody else in this world. It might be hard for you to give your heart to someone else especially if you have taken care of it for a very long time. Give yourself time to know someone especially at a personal level. Hints can give you a picture of how a person is. Don’t take romance into consideration when beginning to know someone. If it’s true, then it is worth the
  2. You should focus on discovering a man who appreciates your passions and not one who completes them. It is essential to give each other space. You all should have a life outside each other. a marriage that people share experiences and passions is very beautiful. You get to know more about each other both the likes and dislikes. Do not waste time waiting for a man who completes you but waits for that one who appreciates you and inspires you to be a better person.
  3. Do not expect, do not assume and do not have timeline rules. Do not have high expectations for the person you are seeing. Do not hurry everything will fall into place at the right time. Don’t be attached to someone early get time to know them by doing so dating them will be very easy. Good relationship take time to build. Therefore, don’t rush. The best things in life are worth waiting for.
  4. Frequently contact your SO. Communication is very important. This is the foundation of everything. We all should know that it’s only through communication that the other person is able to know what’s going on in our minds. You should, therefore, talk with your partner, share with them your thoughts, emotions, and likes and dislikes. There is a high chance your relationship will grow if there is frequent communication between you and your partner.
  5. Your “type”. Do not look for a partner at the same place you’ve always been finding partners. When your friends set you up on a blind date you are always quick to say that you have a “type”

No one has a type, that’s the plain truth. You’ll just look for someone who you think fits all the qualities you want who in the end just end up checking one of your boxes. Others will just come naturally just as true love should.