Ways to Know if You and Your Partner are Truly in Love

More likely than not, there’s been a time in your romantic life where you though your partner was your true love. But that relationship didn’t end up working out and you couldn’t figure out why. Often times, we mistake love for the need to feel wanted or special. In feeling wanted and special, we think that means we must have found our true love. We’re all born with the innate desire to feel loved and cared for. It’s not something that goes away. So, we’re almost always in search of that one true love. But how can we know that it really is true love? When you’re with your partner, keep a look out for the following signs that can help let you know that you really have indeed…found your true love.

You Feel Safe with Each Other

Your everyday life can be full of stresses, disappointments, and negative vibes. And being in a relationship can sometimes fuel the fire. However, if you and your partner are true love matches, that’s not the case. Your true love will feel like coming home to a safe place where you know you’ll find plenty of comfort and understanding. You’ll feel comfortable enough to be yourself within the relationship, feeling not only safe with each other, but nurtured with trust and kindness as well.

You’re Able to Disagree Well

Though it may sound like a bit of a contradiction to disagree well, it’s actually a sure sign that you are with your true love. Relationships are always going to have disagreements. But it’s how you and your partner handle those arguments that’s a test of your true love. Those who have found their true love are able to work through their disagreements in a constructive and healthy manner. Whether it’s agreeing to disagree or allowing both sides to hear each other out and debating in a way that keeps the respect between the two of you, the point is that you disagree well. You are in tune with each other’s needs and wants, and are open to discussion.

You Accept One Another the Way You Are

Too often in a relationship, one or both of those involved will try to change their partner. They think that once they’re in an established relationship, they can change their partner to cater to their liking. This is not a good way to go about a relationship, and it’s definitely not a sign of true love. While change within a relationship is healthy, if it’s true love, you and your partner accept each other for who you are. You see each other for your own quirks and shortcomings, acknowledge they exist, and embrace it. There is no judgement in true love.

If you and your partner can check off these three things, then chances are you’ve found your true love. But like any relationship, it will still take work, compassion, and understanding so that your love can continue to grow into and even stronger true love.

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