What Should You Do When You Want to Give up on Love?

Being in a relationship means that you are wanting to be with the one that will be forever, but chances are this will not happen.

Maybe you have found out your partner is not who you thought they were or maybe they are cheating on you. Do you feel that you have fallen out of love with them?

This is one of the times where you might want to give up on love. You are being unfair to yourself when you do this and if you want to take a break from love, that is different. Do not close the door on the chances of having love in your life down the road.


Some people blame themselves for their hearts being broken. They might feel unworthy or that they cannot be loved. Maybe they feel that their personality is too hard to understand and maybe they feel annoying or feel that they will never find someone that fits with them.

There is someone that is out there that is perfect for you, just take time and do not rush. Do not give up your values and never do what makes you unhappy.

You have value and you are worthy of love. Remember that if you do not feel that you are good enough or you don’t have value then you will start believing that this is true. Who wants to spend time in a relationship that makes you unhappy? Do not settle and wait for someone to come along that will make you happy.

Take time tow rite down what makes you feel good about who you are. Look at what you want in a partner and do not compromise on who you are. Learn to think more positively about yourself.

Stop Looking

Stop trying to find the perfect person and being desperate in love. People will find you and you will find someone that you love if you just wait. Learn to do things that make you happy such as start a new hobby or do something that lets the world see you for who you are.

If you meet someone along the way then good, but if not, learn to be happy and be single at the same time. Stop trying to prove to others and the world that you are something you are not. Learn to have fun meeting new friends and doing things that you love. When your right partner comes along, you will know it.

Remember that you do not have to expect things to work out when you just meet someone. The perfect partner will come when the time is right.


Stop putting a timeline on your life. You don’t have to be married by the age of 20 and you do not have to have kids by the age of 25. Stop putting a timeline and learn to be happy with what you have.

Women often are finding their careers and living them before they choose to have a partner, and some are waiting till later in life to have children.

When you want to get married, you can. Life doesn’t have to be a rase and you do not have to do what society says for you to do. Learn to do what is best for you and do not rush things.

When you rush things, you will not feel good enough. You will see that rushing things will end up bad. Happiness might take longer for you to find but then you will be happy.

Going slow is better than realizing later down the line that you are unhappy or being forced to stay with someone that you do not really love.

Enjoy Life

Finding a new partner should be fun and adventurous. Learn to have good nightmare dating stories to share with each other. This will give you a laugh and a great story later down the road.

When you go out with someone and if they reject you, just know it as an experience. You will be able to see how brave you are even when you have to do scary things like meeting new people.

Not Alone

You are not alone. You have people in your life that are there for you now and they are there to make you happy and to feel good.

People in your life do not have to be your lovers. You can have people that are your friends, family and other people that are there to keep you safe and to talk to. You are not alone.


Do not be sad and do not decide that you are done. If you give up on love you will see when years go by what a mistake that you made.

There will always be relationships that fail, and you will have people that leave you or those that die. It is hard to find someone to love and to live past baggage in your past, but you can do it.

You do not have to settle for anyone, and you can find someone that is perfect for you. This might take years but if you choose not to give up, you will find it.

Giving up on love will make you feel lonely because you will always be searching for something else. You will see that you can have life and you can find love.

People need each other and so always be open to connect with more friends and to connect with new people. It doesn’t matter that you find love, just find happiness, and never give up.

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