Friend to Lover

Some of the best relationships in the world are ones that have went from friends to lovers. If you have a best friend that you are bonded with, one that seems perfect on all levels, chances are that you cannot imagine that your life could go on without them.

When you have such a deep bond with someone you learn that there are different levels of friendship. It is hard to believe that this person that is so perfect for your life could end up being your true love. The truth is this happens often.

Having friends can mean that you have met your soulmate. It can be someone that has been with you for a long time. Some people have a hard time when they have feelings for their best friend because they worry that the relationship will mess everything up.

You feel so close to them, but you are afraid of losing that and if you lost your friend, you might not ever be the same.

But at the same time, if you imagine kissing your best friend and having the feels all at the same time, this could be the best time in your life.

If you are really in love with your best friend, then you can see that you can go from friends to lovers without losing your best friend.

There are some things you can ask when you are interested in your best friend becoming your lover and chances are that you might wonder if things will become awkward or if you will get your heart breaking.

You wonder where things are going to go, and you wonder if the change would be for the better. When you go from friendship to being lovers, this can often mean that you are supposed to be together.

Signs of Being More than Friends

One of the most surprising things is that this kind of relationship can form without anyone even realizing it. It might happen so fast that you aren’t even aware that it is happening until it already has.

If you are able to experience this with your best friend, chances are you would never change your mind and you will want this relationship to be stronger.

When you are close to someone like a best friend for a long period of time, chances are you speak the same language, love the same things, and even have the same annoyances. You know what they are going to say before they even say it and you can read their body language and their mind.

You already can feel that you are more than friends but maybe you are questioning yourself. There is such a deep connection and then if the sexual attraction becomes part of it then you will see that your life from friend to lover is changing and you can be happy.

Here are some signs that you and your best friend might be more than friends:


One of the biggest signs that your best friend wants to be a lover is that they start flirting with you. It might seem hidden at first and you might be questioning if there are romantic feelings or not, but the truth is, flirting is one way to tell that someone is falling in love.

You might not have realized it at first but if your friend is flirting with you constantly then you will see that there are deeper feelings than you realized.

Does the flirting make you feel good? If so, it is a sign that you want to be with them as much as they want to be with you.

Each Other

Have you ever been to the point where you are only able to look at your best friend? This is a way that you can tell that you are moving from friend to lover.

When you usually have group conversations and you realize that it is only you two on the same page, it can be obvious to you and others around you that you are meant to be together.

The people close to you will probably see this change faster than you do and even though it can be a risk, chances are that if you want to be with them that you should embrace it while you can.

Best friends are hard to find and if you want to be romantic with them, give it a shot.


Being aware that you want more can be uncomfortable at first but if you want to take the risk, you can. Maybe you haven’t talked about it yet but maybe you know within your heart that your best friend wants more as well.

You can realize that you and your friend can get used to being romantic and you will not ever even believe that you were only friends at one time.

Taking a risk can be worth it and it can help you to be happy. Be courageous and see if your relationship rewards you with good things.

Texting and Talking

Even though texting and talking to your friend is normal, when you realize that everything you need to know and all the opinions that you have are from your best friend then you will realize you might want more.

Maybe you have text all day and then you get home and you still have more to talk about. You will talk on different social media platforms and you might even have more than one conversation at a time.

You are so connected with this person that each time you talk to them you feel that you are learning something new. Talking to them is so easy and makes you feel happy after.

Going from friends to lover can come naturally and you just have to embrace it.


Some friends have nicknames for each other, and this is a very personal thing. You might call each other babe or something else and realize it is becoming something more.

The nicknames that you have for your friend can be funny or embarrassing but at the same time this can be romantic.

If you feel intimate with your best friend, then chances are you are meant to be more.

Body Language

Body language can give you all the information that you need. Friends that are more into each other than just friends will show this with their body language.

When you are in a group, if you feel that you are the only two there, chances are that you are already changing. Maybe you have strong eye contact and you are always touching each other. If this happens then your body will show you how close you have become.


There are people that are in your life, but they do not always make time for you. When you have a best friend that will change their calendar for you then you are special to them.

This person will always have time for you no matter how big their schedule is. If this is them then chances are that they will always make you a priority. This is a sign that you are going from friends to lovers.

When you have this person that is always there for you then you will see changes in your life and relationship.

You are already a couple, but you just do not realize it. Once you are aware of this you will be surprised that you didn’t know it sooner.


Jealous is the biggest sign that there is. There is nothing that can make someone jealous if they are not about you but if they are, they might have a jealous streak when you are talking to someone else.

When you see that you are chancing a romantic relationship then you need to talk to them if they get jealous.

When you realize that you are becoming more than friends, it can be a big change in your life, and you need to pay attention. Talk to each other and discuss the feelings that you are having. See if you are both aware of what you are feeling.


Being attracted to your best friend might mean that you daydream about being in bed with them or you wonder what it would feel like to be intimate with them. If you have these feelings, then you are showing what you are really feeling.

If your best friend makes your feelings go wild, then chances are you need to come out about what you are feeling.

Maybe your friend is having the same feelings and it is time to talk about it. Let your feelings go and talk to your friend.

Talk 24/7

Even just hearing the name of your best friend might make your skin tingle. If this is the feelings you get, then you are attracted to your best friend.

This can be a clear sign that you want to be more than friends. If you have feelings of love for them then it needs to come out.

When two people are obsessed with each other they might not even be aware. Everyone around you can see these feelings, even if you do not.


One of the best things ever is when two friends become romantically involved. Even if this is not the idea that you had in your life, nothing can be better than being with a close friend.

Your friend will tease you and it will not annoy you, but you will find it cute and adorable. You will find that their teasing is a reminder of what you are really feeling.

Next time you are with your friends, pay attention to the signs that they are letting off and see if this means that you should be closer than just friends.

Changing from friends and lovers can be one of the best things that you have and even though it doesn’t always work out, when it does, it can be amazing.

Should You Take the Risk?

Yes! Even when things seem scary or questionable and when you are afraid of losing someone so close to you, remember, the person is already your friend. If they are really your friend, they will not shun you just because your feelings change.

When you choose not to share your feelings, it can cause you to lose something that could be great for you.

Sometimes fear is what keeps people from being close to each other. They are the person that you know the best and even their flaws do not aggravate you. They see you as important in their life and they see you as the missing piece.

Going from friends to lovers means that you are destined to be with this person. Learn to take risks and you can find your happiness, even if it is scary.

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