Are You Headed for Marriage?

If you are in love and believe the “one” is sitting right in front of you, then you may be hoping for marriage. Perhaps your parents like him, he buys the perfect gifts, and you guys have spent lots of time together, but there is still no ring. It can be difficult to tell if you are on the marriage track because you do not want to bring it up, yet want to know. Below are a few signs that point to a ring in the future.

Future Talk

When he speaks of the future and uses the term “when” not “if”, then this is a good sign. Whether you are discussing buying a home, planning a vacation, or even attending an event in the distant future, you are in his mind in the future. He has a picture of you as part of a permanent couple and is showing you such.

Asks Your Opinion

If he is asking your opinion about big life decisions, a proposal is likely in your future. This is because he is seeing big decisions as effecting more than just him. When he seeks your input and you discuss the matter, it is because your futures are at stake.


Family is important. If you are welcome at his family gatherings an he is at yours, if your parents like him, and it all seems natural, then this is a good sign. If his mother is disappointed when you o not come, this is a great sign.

Rough Patches

All relationships face struggles, but if he has stuck it out even through those rough patches, then there is a future. If he has or is willing to offer emotional and financial support, even if you did not accept, then you will likely stay together.

He Believes in Marriage

If he is demonstrating that he can make a long-term commitment, then this is a good sign. If he is positive about intimacy and commitment without a nee to rush into it, then take the risk on love.


If you really get each other and share a weird quirk or two, then this is good. You two likely really understand and get each other.


This one is a dead giveaway. If he is asking people about diamonds, researching online, or commenting on the rings of others, he is thinking about proposing. It is likely coming soon.


Be patient and look for the signs as a way to know he is not going anywhere. Don’t get pushy or avoid romance just because he is considering. Enjoy what you have until it gets better. If you have been patient an none of the signs are present or they have been inconsistent at best, it is time to check in with him. Talk without letting emotions get out of control. You may end up heartbroken, but it is better than investing in something that is not going the direction you desire.

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