Being Okay if He Doesn’t Love You

Being Okay if He Doesn’t Love You

There are times when you are going to face someone that doesn’t return love to you.  Loving someone who doesn’t love you back is hard and hurtful and when you are in a situation where you have one-way love, it can drain your emotions and your mental awareness.  It sometimes makes you feel that you have no control.

Not only do you adore them, you are also full of sadness because they don’t love you.  It feels like you are tortured and that you are alone.  When you are close to someone for years and you try out a relationship, but it is never more than friends, it can be hard.

If you are part of someone’s life but you realize that you will never be together, it can make you feel that you are not good enough and that you will never find the perfect person for you.  When a guy feels more like a brother, it can show you that you are not going to be together.  Even if your heart and your mind tell you that you love them, if they don’t love you back then it can be a weird situation.

When you realize that loving someone who doesn’t love you back and who will never love you back happens, it is hard to accept but it will help you to be able to watch for someone in your life that will see things from your perspective and will love you whole-heartedly and will want to live their life with you forever.

If you are dealing with someone that doesn’t love you back, the answer is that you need to realize that you are not being rejected and you shouldn’t be angry, it isn’t his fault that you feel differently about him than he does about you.

You also have to try to not listen to people giving you advice and you need to learn to move on without trying to go out with every guy that shows up in front of you.  You need to learn that you are okay on your own.  Maybe you want to love him anyways, and you can, but only from far away.  You have to let yourself know that he is not going to love you the way that you love him, and you need to make sure that you don’t torture yourself.

Try to detach your feelings and your affection from him and find things that make you happy without him.  Try different things that bring you joy until you feel differently and like yourself again.


Remember, being in a relationship should be a two-way street.  If you find yourself loving someone that does not love you back, do not be upset about it, but learn to move on and find someone in your life that will give you the same in return as you are giving them.

You can still be friends with someone that you love and that doesn’t love you back, but you do not have to put  all of yourself in their life and give up on other people that might love you the same way that you love them.

There will always be time for you to meet someone that loves you back.  Give things time and allow yourself time to heal and time to get over someone else that doesn’t love you back.  You are worthy of love, just give it time to find you.

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