relationship that will last long term

Unofficial Milestones that Mean You are Moving Forward

There are many relationship milestones that are celebrated. Things such as getting engaged, moving in together, marriage, and having children are all things we look for to show we are moving forward. These are big things that others notice, but there are smaller things that are just as important that happen earlier in the relationship.

These are the things that point to relationship that will last long term:

Ordering for Them

If you can choose a meal for your partner at a restaurant, without their input, and they can do the same for you and enjoy the dish, then it is a positive sign. This means you have been together enough that you are aware of likes and dislikes. Simple things like knowing when they prefer steak over a salad or how a meal should be prepared is meaningful. This illustrates a comfort level together.

Borrowing Clothes

Though it seems insignificant, if you can grab a tee or a pair of shorts to wear without asking your partner then it is a positive sign. If they don’t mind or even like when you wear their clothes, then the relationship is moving forward.

Traumatic Situation

Hopefully nothing traumatic happens during a relationship, but if it does and you become stressed, worried, or frustrated you tend to behave differently. If this breakdown causes fights and relationship stress, then it will likely not move forward. However, if it brought you two closer, then the future is looking bright.

Asking for Help

When something happens, if your partner is the first person you call, then it’s a goo sign. Whether you have a true emergency or have a flat tire, if your significant other is the first number you dial then things are good. If you would rather not bother them or know they would not help, it is a red flag. Partners nee to be reliable.

Comfortable with Looking Gross

No one likes to admit it, but we rarely look our best full time. If you are the type of woman that tends to dress up and wear make-up full time, an unofficial sign that things are moving forward is that your partner has seen you without these things. When you can relax and look your grossest and still feel comfortable, it is a good sign.

Their Friends and Family

If you occasionally text their mom to say hello, he has ha many conversations with your siblings, or you have their family members on Facebook, it is a good sign. Feeling like you are part of their family an them feeling the same about yours is an unofficial milestone. You are combining lives and building connections well.

Keep Stuff at Their Place

If you do not officially live together, but you leave stuff at their place or even have a key, then the relationship is growing. They want you to feel at home and trust you in their space.

Instinctively Help

While you should not be a maid, if you do not feel weird or need to ask before doing the dishes or tossing in a load of laundry, it’s a good sign. You enjoy helping one another do the boring, necessary tasks that are required in life or in the least you instinctively want to help to make life a bit easier on them.

You Know Their Schedule

When you know them so well you no longer have to ask if they are busy on a certain day or date, then things are moving forward. You also likely have unspoken plans with one another on certain days so there is no need to ask. There will be no need for late night booty calls because you will already be next to them in bed.

Sharing Randomness

We all have to silly, stupid, or goofy thoughts that randomly pop in our head. When you are able to share them without judgment with your partner, and they can do the same, you have hit an unofficial milestone in your relationship. Things are definitely moving forward.

Our Show

Though it may not seem like a big deal, if you have committed to watching a show together over several seasons, then the relationship is moving forward. Sharing Netflix and Hulu passwords is an unofficial milestone that signifies commitment.

Less Texting

When texting slows down because you are secure or because you are always together, it is a good thing.

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