Signs it is Getting Serious

Sometimes when you are part of a romantic relationship, you realize that you might not always stay together. You may have doubts based on your past relationships and you might want to keep your heart closed and protected in case things do not work out.

Some relationships that are younger can mature faster and be long-term and they can actually have happy endings. When you both being to take things seriously, you will see where the relationship is going.

Here are some signs that you are being more serious in your relationship:

Spending Time Together

You will come to the place where you want to spend time with someone that you like and not just for a fling. You will want to hang out when you are not together because you make each other happy and you realize that you are doing something good.

You will realize that you cannot go a day without thinking about them and things are becoming genuine.

Meeting Friends and Family

When you know that your relationship has grown you will see that you have already met their most important people int heir life. If you have met his parents and he has met your parents, chances are you have accepted him, and he has accepted you.

Buying Together

When you go to the supermarket together to buy groceries for a date, it means things might be getting more serious than you think.

Future Talk

The talk that you have been having might include talking about marriage and having a future together. You begin to have adult conversations and you talk about having a family and other important thing.


Speaking into the future is part of imagining your future together. You will work to be more stable and to find someone to spend their life with you.

Consulting Your Partner

Even though you are not married, you will always think it is the best to consult them before you make decisions about purchasing things or other things outside of the relationship.


You are open and willing about discussing each other’s finances. You won’t necessarily budget for them, unless they ask, but you will talk about things that matter together.

Dream House

You might be to the point where you are talking about what kind of house you want to buy together, and you imagine in your mind what this world together will look like.

Gifts are Practical

When you have gifts given to each other it isn’t just cute bears or stuffed animals but things that you both need such as a trip or a blanket for the house.

Texting and Talking

Sometimes you will find that you cannot go for a whole day without talking to them, but you don’t want to be too clingy. You will find that you want to send them funny messages and that they complete you.

Everyday Life

You will want to be with them and share all of your dreams and success with them. You will want them to be the first person to get the good news.

Running Away

You will not want to run away, and you will not be the one that hides when things are not good. You will stick it out and work things out for the best for both of you.


Being in a serious relationship means that you are able to take the good with the bad. You will work through things and form bonds that are strong and you will probably get to the point where you can live a happy life together.

A modern relationship does not mean that you will have to split up in the future, but you can make it work out and live a lifelong happiness with your partner.

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